scylla – another OSINT social media tool

What is it?

There is no shortage of OSINT social media tools these days.

We already talked about sherlock and its fork – maigret.

Her is another on: scylla.

scylla is different in that it allows you to do a bunch of different searches:

you can search for a credit card number and see if this number was part of a breach earlier.

You can look for an IP address and get back the geo location of that IP address.

You can even reverse lookup phone numbers.

Scylla is not included in kali. You have to install it by hand from github.

git clone
cd scylla
sudo pip3 install -r requirments.txt

After that you can run it like this – lets look at the help page.

python3 --help

you can see here the different options you have.

Lets try out one or two:

sudo python3 --username thepope

so you see – not great, not terrible.

Lets look at something else.

sudo python3 --geo

You get the idea. You can play around with the other options – like query shodan through this tool and find out if it suites you.

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