Maigret – the Sherlock fork

What is it?

We talked about sherlock earlier – maigret is quite similar. It is infact a fork of sherlock.

So it searches for a username across a wide range of social media plattforms.

It claims to be a bit more soffisticated than sherlock. Giving you less false positives.

What it does do is creating nice reports in HTML or PDF Format.

maigret is not included in kali. So you have to install it manually from github

git clone
cd maigret
pip3 install .

So lets have a look

as you can see the help page is quite extensive and so is the output you can achieve.

We will go through some options here.

There are a couple of ways you can control what sites or how many sites maigret will investigat.

sudo maigret --html --top-sites 40 thepope

This will tell maigret to search the alexa top s40 ites for the username thepope and create a nice looking html report

sudo maigret --all-sites --html thepope

This will look at all the sites that maigret knows of -as you can guess this is quite a list, will take quite some time and produce a long report.

Just for the fun of it I uploaded the report here:



As you can see from the scrollbar the report is quite long.

There are a lot more options available. But These are the ones you will probably use the most.

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