sherlock – the social media stalker

What is it for?

sherlock is another OSINT tool.

You can find it here on Github or install it through apt if you are on kali.

Sherlock allows you to search a huge number of social networks for a username.

Imagine you know someones username on facebook. You could assume that he uses this username on other social media plattforms as well. Sherlock searches in all this plattforms for this user name and tells you where this user name was found.

This is the output of –help:


you see – it is pretty straight forward: you provide a username and sherlock goes though a variety of social media sites and searches for this user name.

If you want to be stealthy (and maybe avoid being blocked) you can channel the requests through the tor network by using the –tor or –unique-tor switches.

lets look at the output:

sherlock elonmusk

So – again a pretty long list.

You might want to use the -o switch to write the output to a file.

sherlock elonmusk -o elonmusk.txt


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