– finding emails and patterns

What is it?

This is gonna be a short one. is a web portal where you can potentially find email adresses, roles and oganisations and email patterns for a given company.

It is widely used by sales and marketing departments.

But it is also a valuable tool for collecting data for a penetration test.

It obviously is part of OSINT activities – we don’t touch any infrastructure of our target yet.

I recommend getting at least the free plan – if you do you will be greeted with a page like this:

So you get 25 searches for free each month.

Lets search for and see what it gives us

And here we see everything already:

We found around 34.000 emails in total, 10 departments and the most common pattern by wich most of the emails are created:  {f}{last}

As said: this is a short article since is simple to use. But the information we can get from it can still be very valuable.

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