CTF for hackers – TryHackMe

What is it?

TryHackMe is an excellent training ground and hobby room  for hackers and pen testers. Best thing: it offers plenty of stuff for free.

And even the paid services are a fair deal for what they offer.

Lets have a look.

This part of the frontpage already tells you everything: TryHackMe is all about teaching an challenging.

Here you get plenty of classrooms,modules, learning paths and what they call series.

Even if you have little prior knowledge you can start.

For example the have a Complete Beginner Learning Path:

Here you see you will learn a lot of fundamentals: Linux, Networking, Web, etc.

The Rooms in each leaerning path (31 rooms here) are all very well layed out and fun to do.

Lets look at a module:

This is the module web hacking fundamentals. You see its a mixture of walkthoughs and CTF challenges. Also you see some of the rooms are for VIP users only.

Progress you make is measured in points and levels. So you level up while gaining knowledge. Also there are special perks for answering questions on consecutive days.

So tons of gamification to keep you motivated.

So thats the learning part of TryHackMe – what about the challenges?

These are typical CTF scenarios where most of the time you have to break into a computer get a user flag, do some privilege escalation (there are others where you have to find different information but you get the idea)

Again: plenty of content here. This is a list of hard linux boxes

At the end of the day TryHackMe is the perfect combination of learning and CTF content.

And if you get stuck and need support the TryHackMe community is quite responsive: Reddit, Discord, plenty of writeups like on this page – you definetly will find help.

So: little reasons not to get an account and get started. And for about 10 bucks monthly you will become a VIP user wich unlocks all the content they have.

Just check it out TryHackMe.com – if you like caber security, you will love it.

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