scenario driven

We propose a risk scenario driven approach.

In a first information gathering meeting (or call) we generate an understanding what attack scenarios are to be assumed for your organisation.

Doing this allows to choose the exactly right service package for you.

Overpreparing puts effort where it is of no use – underpreparing means putting your organisation at risk.

So: choosing the right amount and type of protection is the first important step to your cyber security strategy.

Here you see a very rough categorization of scenarios so you get an idea. We get more detailed when talking together.

Services we provide

These are the service categories from which we will compile your individual service package.

What do you get

In any case you get a extensive documentation of our scope, findings, risk ratings and our suggestions.

All services can be run once or periodically.

If you leave your email below we will gladly send you a example report – so you know in advance what you will get.